Weekly Report #2

Hello everyone,

Officially I’ve been living in Milano for 3 weeks! This week was awesome, I went out almost everyday, expored the city, found new cool places and most importantly had friends!


I went the office for the first time and met with my manager and some collegues from other teams. They are super friendly. I felt really nice to be a part of my company. I was working on the new auth system this week. Nothing special. My bugfixs from last week didn’t come back from test. A chill week also from professional perspective.


I would say I started to live Milano life. Applied for atm card (public transportation card). Discovered 2 new places for aperitivo. Had a great Friday night in Navigli.. Learned how to drive motorcycle.


Basically explains how I live my life. Don’t afraid of making mistakes. It always means something. In the worst case something you must learn or your victory. You can find more here.

I never lose. I either win or learn.

Nelson Mandela


The melody of this music really caught me this week.


I started to my daily run routine again from Thursday. Avarage pace is not less then 6mins, avarage distance is not less then 3,5km. Even the weather is raining cannot stop me. Goal is everyday go out, run min 3km with the 6mins pace.


I applied for an Italian course. It will start on 4th of October.


  • Run everyday
  • Find a gym for winter
  • Increase the productivity
  • Start to working on poster maker
  • Learn more places in Milano
  • Spend time with friends

Ci vediamo la prossima settimana, ciao tutti.