Weekly Report #3

This week was even better than previous ones. I got my new chair finally, my back doesn’t hurt anymore. It increased my productivity much more than my expectation. I discovered more places in Milano. I started to work on poster maker again. I broke my running record. I had a great sunday breakfast. And most importantly, i got motivated again!


I got my public transportation card, finally. I met Carlo on monday. After a while meeting with a friend made me feel good. I tried the enjoy the city while we were having sunny days. I rent electricle motorcycle almost everyday and enjoy the nights in empty streets of Milano.


I found this one encouraging. In short, you will never regret that you tried.

I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.

Jeff Bezos


While I was running listened this one so much.


I run 10km in 59mins on Saturday. It is my new record. I decided to join half Istanbul Marathon in 7th of November which is 15km.


I enrolled to Italian classes, will start in 5th of October. I will start from A1 level. Target is completing A2 level. I believe that I can learn by myself B1 and B2.

Poster Maker

I started the project again. Created a new brach on github. I was looking for a graphic designer and it ended up with making a deal with Meryem. I believe we will have good outputs till end of this year. I will let you know more about this.


  • Keep running
  • Spend more time on poster maker
  • Increase productivity
  • Find a gym
  • Have a haircut

See you next week, take care!