Weekly Report #1

Ciao tutti,

I decided to create some subtitles under weekly report such as; the song i listened most, the quote I’ve seen, what I worked on etc. In the feture the subtitles can change.


This week I tried to create a routine in my life. In a new environment focusing to my job and to being disciplined are not easy for me. I bought some tools to increase my productivity. Keyboard, monitor, computer monitor light bar.. Chair is still missin and my back hurts a lot. When I set everything I will write another blog post about my working setup. Let’s get back to the subject, to be disciplined is not easy. Needs to be on streak, everyday the same quality of work, like routine but quality is important. I think this week I did a good job. I developed a new component for b2c website. Timeslot component. It works well, no bugs yet. I am happy about that.


Since I am alone in Milano I started to spend more time on my smartphone which makes harder to focus to my tasks. But it is nice to talk to friends and feeling that you are not alone. It had been something I neglected in last 1 year. I feel better with bonds of friendship. Safer. But no worries I am working on making some friends here in Milano. Just need time.


This week while I was chatting with one of my friend I quote something from Lev Tolstoy. It means alot to me.

All great literature is one of two stories; a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.

Lev Tolstoy


Lets talk about music. I cannot do anything without music. It is something takes me from real world and puts me in a box to make things easier to focus what I am doing in that moment. This week I had a really wave mood, goes up and down, every 5 mins. I listened all kind of playlists on Spotify. However I put the one I liked & listened most. It is Turkish, even you don’t understand the melody is amazing. Gives a vibe to my emotions.


I came to Italy with many dreams. I wanted to travel in Italy and also in the Europe. Thanks to pandemic I couldn’t. I graduated, had a job etc. Everything went really smooth. Since I have a regular life now, there isn’t better time to make travel plans! I decided to travel to different cities every month. In September, from 9th to 11th, I was in Bologna. Such a nice city. Anyway Bologna should wait for another time. For October I made a new travel plan for Firenze. I cannot wait to go there again. I’ve been there for the first and the only time in 2015 September. 15-17 October I will be there with BOYS; Gian and Bryan. We booked the otel, I bought my train tickets. Just waiting for the day to take the road to Firenze.


Couldn’t study this week. I am sorry. But I will go to the office on Monday. I promise I will learn at least new 3 words 🙂 Good words not bad..


Without targets you cannot measure the success. Since I write these blog posts weekly, deadline is the next week. I want to start working on my poster maker app again. With a better ui & ux I must create v2 and release a working version on the website ( Also I want to write another blog post about poster maker app. How this idea came up with and proceeded to next steps? What are the next steps, what is the last point of this project? Where do I want to reach? To Who?