Weekly Report #4

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another weekly report. Finally I had a haircut! This time I gave this honor to friends from Dominican after Chinese and Italians.


I have been in 2 different rooftops in Milano. Both were amazing with an excellent view. Finding a place with a view in Milano is not easy since the city is all flat. I strongly recommend you to go there.

  • The Roof Milano (map)
  • The Dome Milano (map)



I beat my record again. I run 15.45km in 01:27:45 pace 05’40”. No stop, no break, one shot, all done. I think I am ready for Istanbul Marathone 🙂

Since winter is almost here, i have to find a way to exercise at home for the days i cannot go out for running.


I had my first Italian classes. It was a nice kick to start to learn. I feel much more confident now. I could have done this much earlier but it is never late.


  • Keep exercising
  • Increase productivity
  • Focus to work
  • Sleep earlier
  • Wake up earlier

See you next week!