Summary of 2022

After a long break hello again, this is Bedirhan. Today we talk about the summary of 2022.

We are almost at the end of the 2022. I tried to summarize what I had been through, answers to my questions and the new discipline in my life.

This year a lot of things happened in my life, I don’t even know where to start. I think it will be easier to go through in chronological order.

New Country

You may know, the ones who knows me personally or follows me on Instagram, this year I moved from Milano to Krakow with a sudden decision. There are many reasons behind, I am tired of explaining it to people but one last time I will try my best!

Long story short I was not happy in Milano. I was lonely, pandemic with many rules, I was confused in many aspests of life, I didn’t like the city, dissapointed in every sense, high cost of life and at the end didn’t want to waste more time in Italy.
I know it sounds crazy for most of you but I couldn’t take it anymore. Italy isn’t the best place to live in, I didn’t see my future there.

This is not a give up story, just wait for it 🙂

New Job

I was working for a startup in Milano. Now I am working for a software consultancy company based in USA but for their Poland branch as a mid-level software enginner. Hope to get senior title next year 🙂

This is how I moved to Poland: got the job, got the work visa and moved.

Ok these are the main changes in my life. Let’s roll to lessons and personal growth parts.


I would say 2021 was quite challenging. It was not easy to overcome problems and depression however when I see where I am right now, I am proud to say worth it!

Here are the lessons I got one by one.

Lesson 1: Start taking action toward it!

When you are in a situation you are not happy with and have identified your negatives it is time to get to work and come up with an action plan. Whatever it is you can do to remove negative situation from your life or make them better, come up with a plan that’s unique and specific to you and start taking action toward it!
Every second you don’t apply that plan to your life, you will suffer. Actions speak louder than words!

Lesson 2: Motivation is a lie!

You need motivation to do things, achieve success and build your dreams is such a delusion. You have to chase after sparks to motivate you is lie my friends. What you need is disipline in your life! There are only good days and better days in life unless something awfull happens. So, stop waiting for something happen to motivate you to do things instead wake up early, make your bed and start to work! And do this every day.
This is what disipline called. You do things even you don’t feel in that way. Because this is what you must do. Motivation will never arrive when you need it. Sorry.

Lesson3: Cook at home!

This is something I am really be proud of. I ordered food once when I was in Milano, it was the first and last time. Since I arrived to Krakow (June 2022) I never ordered food to home.

I always cook at home. I don’t feel lazy to go to grocery, cook something delicios for myself even sometimes for my guests. It is the healtiest way to live your life. Learn how to cook, improve your skills in the kitchen. The day you cook something you always ordered on the app or in the restaurant you will be proud of yourself. Boom here is the motivation!

Also it is a way to save lots of money. Don’t waste your health and money for shitty food. This is how Italians stay fit even if they eat pasta, pizza, lasagna and lots of bakery.

Lesson 4: Do exercise!

I started to run outside regularly at the beginning of 2021. Since then I try to run at least once a week depending on the weather where I am. Since January 2021 I run more than 400kms in total. I never imagined myself I could run this much. I injured my left knee cap in December 2021 after running 20kms in one session and couldn’t run till May 2022. Since then I don’t run more than 5 to 6 kms in one session.

Running means burning callories so you will lose lots of weight. The capacity of your lungs will increase, your heart vessels will remain open and your heart will beat 3 times in a second while performing at your best. You will start to race with people on the track. Put a music in your headpone and go out for a running!
I know at the beggining you feel stupid because of other peoples judmental looks but after 2 to 3 times you go out, you won’t care about that because the feeling after is amazing!

I lost 10kg in 4 months when I started to run, I was around 75kg and went down to 65kg. When I had less than %5 body fat I started to eat more and remained around 70kg.

Since Poland is a cold country I couldn’t go out for running after October. There is something else called, GYM. I started to go to gym every week several times in November. I started with two days per week, now I go three days per week. It has been 15 weeks, 32 days. I spent more than 60 hours in gym.
When I flex in front of the mirror I can see the improvement in my body easily. The feeling of pump after the training is amazing, stunning, just crazy. If I knew this feeling before I would start to go to the gym asap.

Now I am 73kg and my target to hit 74 before the new year’s eve. Waiting for sunny days to arrive so I can go out for running twice per week and three time to the gym. Keep your body in shape! It improves your self-respect and self-esteem. It is an easy way to create one disipline in your life.

Go to the f*cking gym! Not easy, not for loosers..

Lesson 5: Embrace the masculinity

This is a sensitive topic. One of my hobby is to fight with stupid, poisoned by western media, brainless modern feminists. They destroyed the value of woman in the west and try to bring “equal rights” to eastern counties as they brought the “democracy” before. Just stay away from me with your toxic ideas.
Be proud of being a man or a woman. They try to waste your energy with this stupid topics. When I speak out laud about men menthal health they don’t even care.

Here there are some names, accounts I recommend you to follow for men’s mental health:

Learn not to be pathetic, desperate, looking for charity. Be strong. Man has to provide, be strong and disciplined! I prefer to be warrior in garden to be a gardener in war. Stay strong, not a joke. Men don’t cry about their problems, we fight. Better if you do the same. Get stronger!

Lesson 6: Dream big!

The day I heart this sentence; “How big would you dream if you knew you couldn’t fail?” I started to dream bigger but that doesn’t mean that I stoped being realistic. Dreams and targets/goals are different things. In Turkish we say, it is free to dream.

Lesson 7: Don’t care about what people think!

Sometimes you are right, sometimes you are wrong. At least you are being youself. We all do mistakes, we learn from the mistakes but we will still do mistakes. Being perfect is being yourself. People like it or not you shouldn’t care as long as you are being youself.

Lesson 8: Stop over explaining yourself!

There is no way to control what other people think about you, what they understand from your words. Only your actions can change it! Don’t overshare, if you are late to a meeting you don’t have to give a reason why you were late. Don’t say “sorry” to being late, just appriciate for their patience.

Lesson 9: Spend time alone!

Learn how to enjoy your own company. There will be days you will feel alone and no one will be there with you. If you don’t want to suffer, learn how to have fun by yourself. If you don’t love your own companiship, you cannot love someone else. It is that clear.

Lesson 10: Get some hobbies!

Stop playing video games, scrolling on instagram or tiktok, watching netflix or disney+. Have some hobbies in physical world. Don’t be stuck in the matrix. So go out and visit some museums. Have a favorite coffee shop and go there every saturday to drink your favorite coffee.

Lesson 11: Build your future today!

They say 20s are the ages for traveling. No, this is another lie. Spend your 20s to build your future because 20s are the age you can learn quicker than any other age therefor if you want to reach to your best potantial you can only do this in your 20s.
I don’t want to be slave in my 30s and when I have money to waste in my 30s I will travel in better conditions than sleeping in a dormitary with 5 other people in a smelly room.

Lesson 12: Control you dopamine level!

Don’t waste your time on social media to cause fake dopamine. Enjoy life in real world. Wathing a video on youtube won’t teach you something. Take actions, make something has real value.

New Year Resolution

Here is the list of the things that I want to achive in 2023.

  • Buy a car and a motorcycle
  • Move to a bigger apartment
  • Run 200km
  • Go to the gym 2/3 times in a week
  • Get to 76kg body weight
  • Get visa for USA
  • Get senior title in my job
  • Sell something international
  • Stop smoking
  • Watch the list of IMDB top 250
  • Stop using social media
  • Speak A2 level of Polish

This post took my two weeks to complete. There are many other things that I want to talk about but I think it is better to mention them in other posts. There will be another post soon about my goals for new year.

I will keep you posted. Stay strong fellows! Merry Christmas 🙂