Summary of 2022

After a long break hello again, this is Bedirhan. Today we talk about the summary of 2022. We are almost at the end of the 2022. I tried to summarize what I had been through, answers to my questions and the new discipline in my life. This year a lot…Continue readingSummary of 2022

The Dream!

Tekrardan merhaba. Bu sefer Türkçe yazıyorum. Bugün 14 Mart Pazartesi saat 02:00, Milano’da son 10 günüm. Yazmam gereken şeyler var. Çok birikti, aylardır aklıma gelen şeyleri twittera yazıp yazıp siliyorum. Paylaş butonuna basamıyorum. Biliyorsun işte malum sebepler, eleştiriye katlanamıyor kimse. Başımıza bela olmasınlar sonra. Bu yazıyı Disney’in 2020 yılı yapımı…Continue readingThe Dream!

2nd Season in Milano

Hello everyone, This is not weekly report anymore. I don’t know how to call it, at least I know it is something I want to write whenever I want. Travel I spent last 5 weeks in Istanbul with my family. I visited friends and my favorite places. It was one…Continue reading2nd Season in Milano

Weekly Report #4

Hello everyone, Welcome to another weekly report. Finally I had a haircut! This time I gave this honor to friends from Dominican after Chinese and Italians. Milano I have been in 2 different rooftops in Milano. Both were amazing with an excellent view. Finding a place with a view in…Continue readingWeekly Report #4

Weekly Report #3

This week was even better than previous ones. I got my new chair finally, my back doesn’t hurt anymore. It increased my productivity much more than my expectation. I discovered more places in Milano. I started to work on poster maker again. I broke my running record. I had a…Continue readingWeekly Report #3

Weekly Report #2

Hello everyone, Officially I’ve been living in Milano for 3 weeks! This week was awesome, I went out almost everyday, expored the city, found new cool places and most importantly had friends! Work I went the office for the first time and met with my manager and some collegues from…Continue readingWeekly Report #2

Weekly Report #1

Ciao tutti, I decided to create some subtitles under weekly report such as; the song i listened most, the quote I’ve seen, what I worked on etc. In the feture the subtitles can change. Work This week I tried to create a routine in my life. In a new environment…Continue readingWeekly Report #1