2nd Season in Milano

Hello everyone,

This is not weekly report anymore. I don’t know how to call it, at least I know it is something I want to write whenever I want.


I spent last 5 weeks in Istanbul with my family. I visited friends and my favorite places. It was one the best decision I made lately. Literally I needed it. Returned to factory settings 🙂

I arrived to Milano, to “home” today. I made my grocery shop. I am ready to get back to normal more than ever!


After a while, I listened Imany again. I felt butterflies in my stomach while I was listening and enjoying the her voice. This time it is a cover made by her. Hope you like it.

Btw I am not in the Imany mood. Don’t get me wrong 😀 Here is my mood more or less –>


I’ve seen a reels on instagram about entrepreneurship which the speaker quoted this sentence. It made lots of sense for me at that moment. You can find whole sentence here.

It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

Chinese proverb


I will be honest with you. I couldn’t keep the streak up while I was in Istanbul. I went out for run only twice.. However I will share with you how much I run in 2021 😀 245km in 46 workouts. Makes 5.3km per each workout which is pretty crazy for me 😉 I am proud of myself.

Poster Maker

Last 20 days. It is coming..


I have to study on it! I have an exam on Thursday.. I would write more about it, maybe next week.


  • Eat three times
  • Study Italian
  • Focus to work
  • Work on poster maker
  • Workout everyday

See you in the next post, I don’t know when but I hope not too far away..